Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This is amazing!!!  You have got to check this out...


Monday, March 17, 2008

I have the gift of discernment...

I love Milk.  That is, freezing cold fresh milk.  I have this thing about milk that isn't quite fresh.  Pretty much, it has to be almost as cold as ice, and it has to have been just opened.  I truly believe that milk over 2 days old is simply 2 many days old.  It just isn't drinkable any more.  I think I have the gift of milk discernment, Becky thinks I am downright foolish.

Becky seems to think that you can still drink until like a week after the "good until date" as long as it isn't bad.  I don't agree, that date is for those people that don't have any taste.  Just because the date is still "tomorrow", it doesn't automatically mean the milk is still good.

The smell of milk over a couple of days old is just wrong.  Warm milk should be outlawed.  Milk that has been opened for any length of time has that crusty dry milk under that cap that contaminates the "good" milk when you simply unscrew the cap.  Pretty much, milk over a couple of days old is pretty much cottage cheese.  And don't get me started about cottage cheese!!!

So, I was so excited when I came across this post.  Finally, researchers have created a sour milk alarm.  Basically, a small 'widget' floats in the milk.  The widget will vibrate if the milk is undrinkable.  The thought is that supermarkets will install these systems and milk can get tested before you buy it.  I hope they hurry up with the home version.  I just know the 5 day old milk in our fridge, technically still easily in the safe date range, has started growing Staphylococcus Aureus.  Now, I must say I am still a little concerned.  My tester will have to have a pretty low tolerance for "unfreshness."

Milk, it does the body good, as long as it is 33 degrees and only a day or 2 new.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Daddy, you do it.

It is usually my job to give the kids a bath.  Tonight, I went in to start the bath water and a very active lizard was running around stuck in the empty tub.  Tessa was with me, and she was visually concerned.  Drew on the other hand, I knew would love to see it.  I called him in.

That is when it happen.

He immediately tried to reach in and pick it up.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Are you kidding me I thought?  Why in the world would he try and pick it up?  He tried and tried, but he couldn't get it. 

Then, he said the unthinkable.  Daddy, you do it!

I can't tell you what went through my head in that split second.   Was he nuts?  I can't show my son how much of a woos I am when it comes to my reptilian fear, could I?  Is there any way around this?  Surely he doesn't really want me to reach in there and get bit by that 3" snake with legs?  Surely I can just drown it with water and scoop it up dead, right?  I could just picture that thing grabbing a hold of my pointer finger and not letting go.  In that instant I pictured it stuck on my finger, sinking its teeth into my skin, drawing blood for sure!  I knew in a moment I would be dancing around shaking wildly trying to remove it from its unrelenting grip, shrieking like a 3rd grade school girl.  Yet, there was no choice.  I knew I couldn't back down.  My 3 year old had challenged my manhood.  I had a job to do.

I did it.  I was victorious.  Just call me William WallaceMaximus Decimus Meridius would do as well.  Without hesitation (ok, maybe just a little bit), I reached down like a real man and grabbed that thing.  I picked it up by the tail and carried it outside.  Both Drew and Tessa were amazed at my machismo I am sure.  I am a tough guy!  Oh my goodness, I am no Benaiah (2 Samuel 23:20).


Did I meet an angel, or a Spirit prompted courageous saint?

I just finished a book.  In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, by Mark Batterson.  Wow, what a life altering message.  I need more time to pray and process it's content and assimilate it's timely message into my life, but you can be certain that this is one book that will long be on my must read list.  I will write more later, but there is a story behind this book that I have to share.  Apparently, I was in the right place at the right time...

I was having a discussion with someone on Monday of last week at a restaurant out of town.  We were at Giorgios Bakery in Hollywood, FL. A woman that we had never met before came up to our table and said... "I heard you were men of faith.  My church, Oasis Church, is reading and studying this book and I think it might be helpful for you."  She handed us a napkin that she had written the title and author of this book on.  With no further comment, she walked away.  Now that will set anyone back a few steps!  To be honest, my first thought was, who is this weird and crazy lady?  (Read the book and you might understand why zany might be a better word!)  Once I saw the title on the napkin, my next thought...was she an Angel?!  This same book crossed my path several weeks ago on account of one of my pastors at McGregor Baptist

How did she "hear" we were "men of faith".  Did God tell her?  Maybe it wasn't so spiritual and she simply saw us pray before our meal?  I don't know the details, but she was obviously spirit prompted and then willing to "chase a lion" and offer a very timely recommendation to 2 guys in the midst of such a conversation.

I have read a lot of books (seminary and bible college has that affect!), but I don't think there has ever been a book that resonated with my spirit cover to cover to the degree that this book does. It is not a long book, and it is pretty easy reading.  I can tell you I devoured it like no book before it.  Yes, it may be easy reading, yet applying it's truths will be tough indeed.  I hung on every word and highlighted line after line like no book I have ever read prior.  My applications and thoughts will come later after I can prayerfully process it's content.  Needless to say, its message was a timely force. 

Rob (the Want to be Lion Chaser)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Organized chaos, productive, yet overextended...

I had an early morning due to dropping someone off at the airport, so I got into the office earlier than normal.  What a great morning of being productive it was!  Have you experienced those times when you just seem to crush your task list?  My task list still says I am overextended, but at least I can now see how overextended I actually am!

Organized chaos is always better than disorganized chaos.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Café con Leche...

I love Café con Leche...  I was in Miami today dropping off a vehicle at the port to be shipped to Haiti, and had the sensational pleasure of once again enjoying a cup of Café con Leche.  For you linguists that speak espanolo, you will quickly think of it as simply Coffee with Milk.  Yes and no.  From wikipedia...

"Café con Leche is a coffee-based beverage, which translated from Spanish, literally means "coffee with milk". Similar to the French café au lait and the Italian caffè e latte, café con leche is a Spanish coffee beverage consisting of strong or bold coffee (sometimes espresso) mixed with scalded milk in anywhere from a 1:1 to 2:1 ratio. It is also served with sugar mixed according to taste. The beverage is extremely common in Spain and in many Latin American countries and communities around the world. In the Cuban bastion of Miami, Florida, café con leche is a local staple."

If you haven't had it, you are missing out...  A Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha is one thing, but a Cuban Café con Leche is whole other thing.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Short Vacation...

We had a great time this past weekend hanging out with friends in Orlando.  Their blog post about the trip here.  Our friends invited us to join them at a time share that had been shared with them.  We had a blast!  I already miss them...

Here are a few pictures...  video may come later if I have time.