Friday, January 9, 2009

So, here’s the story…

It seems that every flight with little kids is an adventure to be shared! 

We got on the plane, and everyone was settling in.  The air seemed to be blowing room temperature air, therefore, it was hot in the plane.

Becky was holding Braden on one side of the aisle, and I had Drew and Tessa on either side of me on the other side of the aisle. 

About 5 seconds after we took off, the plane started really bouncing with turbulence (we had a strong head wind so that really slowed the plane down and kept us bouncing for most of the flight).  About 30 seconds later, Drew turned white as a ghost and started crying and saying he had to throw up.  Well, it was way to early to get out of our seat, but there were no “barf bags” in the pockets, so I had no choice but to run with him to the bathroom.  So, as the plane dipped and bounced, and climbed straight into the air like they do at take off, Drew and I ran to the very spacious bathroom.  Luckily, the flight attendants didn’t stop us.  He spent several minutes coughing and choking, but not actually throwing up.  In the middle of holding him up over the toilet, the plane was really bouncing, so Drew and I were getting really thrown around.  I noticed my phone if my shirt pocket again, so I put that in my pants pocket (didn’t want to go through that again!).

barf-bag-rearWhen we came out, the attendants handed us a “barf bag” as well as a big plastic trash bag.  They obviously knew what was going on and have obviously been through this before.  If he threw up, it was going to be a long flight for a lot of people!

I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say he was not a happy camper, nor was I, for the rest of the flight.  I had to fan him with a book for the entire flight because it was so warm (wow did I have a sore hand and arm).  I took his socks off, and I think that helped cool him down.  He did manage to fall asleep on my arm for awhile, so that was mostly good.  I say mostly because trying to fan him with my other arm and care for Tessa while not moving my one arm was a chore.  Once we were on the ground, Drew was fine.

Tessa was so cute, but very hard to care for.  I think I learned a lesson.  Never give a little kid straight apple juice, a tootsie role, and M&M’s at the beginning of a flight.  She was “wired” the whole flight.  She wanted “more” books, “more” toys, “more” M&M’s.  More, More, More she kept saying in her cute but demanding way.  By the way, M&M’s do melt in your hand, but there is one benefit.  Her hands were so sticky, that i could almost throw those M&M’s at her hand and they still made it into her mouth and not onto the floor.  You should have seen the chocolate on her face!

I love my kids…



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