Monday, February 16, 2009

I love Social Internet Technologies…

I have been thinking lately about the potential of not being on the cutting edge of social internet technologies.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am in no means on the cutting edge.  Yet, I am always amazed at how far ahead I seem to be of my network.  Sure, I blog, I twitter (while driving), I embed, I FB, I youtube, I FriendFeed, I syndicate, I Google everything, I upload pics, I rss, I iPhone constantly (just ask Becky!).  I even know what digg and technorati are.  I know, it is a shocker to some, but I even email!  Yet, the truly cutting edge people that are successfully harnessing the power of Web 2.0 would look at my list and laugh.

What if the day comes when I can’t keep up?  What is circumstances prevent me from keeping up?  Seriously, I fear this day is coming.  For a control and social information freak like me, this is a nightmare that a deeply fear.  How soon will the day come when my kids are surfing circles around me?

I remember, not long ago, when I was chatting with a friend and was wondering why anyone would ever want/need internet on their phone.  I mean, is that really necessary?  uh, yes!

Recently, my pastor David Miller played the following clip as an intro to his sermon.  Yes David, God is not done with me yet.  Ironically, I had just watched this video the week prior.  Weird how that happens.  This may or may not be new to you, but if you haven’t, you have got to see it…


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