Monday, February 2, 2009

Very frustrated with TurboTax!

turbotax So, I thought I would get our taxes done…  but, the TurboTax site from Intuit online is having outage issues.  Wow, can you believe a company as big as Intuit is having this issue right now, in the heat of tax season?  My research tells me the outages have been an issue since about Jan 27.  Yikes.  Everyone is getting their w2’s, but no one can login. 

Can you imagine the exec’s frustration at intuit with their tech people?  Wow.  Brad Smith, President and CEO of Intuit is not going to be happy.

H&R Block’s “TaxCut Online” and “TaxACT Online” must be really pulling in the customers.

I have already started my file with TurboTax, but can’t login to continue.  I am sure they will say something about heavy traffic is “taxing” their servers, yada yada yada.  That is a poor excuse in our day of technological advancement.

Anyone else frustrated?


2/3/09 Update:
Well, apparently TurboTax is out doing damage control.  As you can see in the comments, “Julie”, evidently a TurboTax employee, very politely apologized on TurboTax’s behalf for the outage.  Thank you Julie for taking the time to comment.  It says a lot when a company communicates with their clients!  I have been on the TurboTax site this morning and was able to continue working on my file.  There was some sluggishness, but for the most part, it seems it is up and running.  I will be interested to see if I have access tonight once all the home users try to login in.

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