Friday, March 6, 2009

Motorcycle ride into the country…

As is often the case, when in Haiti, I get to ride a dirt bike.  Pretty cool for someone who never rides in the US (what I mean is that a certain someone wouldn’t allow me to ride in the US!).

This time, I had opportunity to go out once again into the valley behind the mission center for a quick ride with Gary McLaughlin (one of RMI’s missionaries).  Don’t worry Billy, if you are nice, next time we will invite you along…

It was a fun ride.  We did it while the sun was going down, so it was neat to see the landscape of Haitian life as reflected in their fields and farming, rivers and roads, homes, hills, mountains, valleys, cattle and people, against the back drop of a colorful sun-setting sky. 

Every kid along the way that saw us, realizing we were white, wanted us to stop and help them.  Pretty typical.

We rode out to a church that is in the Cance District (Cance is one of our RMI Sister Churches).  This was one of Cance’s satellite churches.  When we got there, we had the opportunity to greet a group of ladies in the church as well as the pastor.  I tried out my Creole on them.  I failed.  They laughed.  But they appreciated it… I think.

On the way back, Gary let me ride his motorcycle.  I was riding a 200, but his is a 400.  It was fun to get some more power and size underneath of me.  Fun!


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