Friday, March 6, 2009

Our RMI Missionaries…

I really appreciate the time that I had to spend with our RMI Missionaries.  Billy and Debbie and their 2 girls Savana and McKenna, and Gary and Marilyn, are working hard down there serving the Lord.  I respect their sacrifice.  I respect their ministry.  It was neat to listen and learn.  I learned a lot about them and a lot about their daily routines.  I shared a little as well.  They have vey unique-to-Haiti struggles and joys, unlike what most of you my readers experience.  Yet, they are no different than us.

Their care and encouragement to me was so appreciated.  I was well taken care of.  Thank you Debbie, you are responsible for most of the meals and making me comfortable at the RMI Guest House.

I didn’t lose weight while I was here.  I ate and I ate and I ate.  I learned that I love avocado with some Italian dressing on it.  I learned that I really like Tampico (a store bought Haitian made fruit juice).  I learned the recipe for an amazing fruit juice made with Papaya and Banana… yum!  The Fried Chicken, pancakes, eggs, bacon, wings and Tacos were a nice touch of home.

We had a great time and accomplished much.  More on what we accomplished later.


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