Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spirit Airlines Offensive Advertising…

Warning, below I sound like a grumpy old man.  There, I warned you…

Here is what I just submitted to Spirit Airlines to complain again about their inappropriate and offensive advertising.

“Your current sale verbage in your "threesome" ads are inappropriate! Threesome? Please please please refrain from such sexual innuendo.  It may sell tickets, but it will surely also send others away. 

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 19 14.56I can't believe you have "Offended by Promotional Ad" as one of the drop down items to choose from in the topic drop down in the form above.  Therefore, you are quite aware and acknowledge that you are offending people, yet you do it anyway.

This can't be the image you are wanting to portray for your company.  Please?”

Previously, they responded to the same type of complaint with the following response…  (I underlined the words for emphasis)

“(Karla Romero) - 07/11/2008 10:50 AM
Dear Mr. Thompson,
Thank you for writing in and letting us know your feelings and thoughts about one of our new marketing campaigns World Travelers Fares (WTF). I apologize that you find this campaign of concern. There are a lot of edgier campaigns out in the marketplace and in popular culture today. We've received a lot of positive feedback and people are taking advantage of our low fares for our many destinations.
Thank you again for taking the time to write us and we look forward to serving you on a future flight.
Karla Romero
Corporate Customer Relations
Spirit Airlines”

A reference to the “F” word is hardly less edgier than other campaigns in the Marketplace.


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