Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wondering about the volume of my Social Chatter?

rss I think Jesus has a love/hate relationship with Web 2.0.

Facebooking, blogging, tweeting via Blogger, Facebook, Live Writer, Tweetdeck, Twitterfeed, Twitter, Reader, Twitterfon, Vlingo, and …  wow, I have been posting a ton.  My devoted (or not so much) Facebook Friends, Twitter Tweaters, and/or Blogger Buddies must be annoyed with my constant feeds.

Or not?

I truly don’t think it is simply that I like to talk about myself (although ashamedly I probably I do).  I think my volume of social chatter is more about the yearning for social interaction, my desire to walk through life with others, my desire to connect with others.  Jesus created us as social beings.  He is writing my story within the context of others.  He made us to thrive in community.  We become better as we stick together (1 Cor 12). 

Too voluminous?  I look at other well respected bloggers and tweaters (example Mark Batterson), and I see exponentially more posts.  Then again, their constant posts usually mean something…



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