Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big Day…

RMI_rgb (jpg logo) Today and tomorrow we (RMI) are holding our Semi-Annual Board Meetings.  This is always a little nerve wracking as major reports are given and major decisions are made.  This year is no exception. On my end, the major reports are Finance and Administration, a total redevelopment of Hope for Kids, and the Haiti field.   Please be praying for all of us.

Microsoft-Apple_0 Today I am picking up my MAC laptop from the doc.  I had to send it away to get fixed.  In the meantime, I have been using my old Toshiba PC laptop.  I upgraded the RAM (It had 1 in it, sadly 2 is the max)  last week to help speed things up, but it still is super slow, and therefore super frustrating.  Someday computer speed will catch up to my pace (wink wink).  There is a decent chance that my data was NOT lost as I thought last week.  Wow, that would be awesome.

Today is Amy Long’s first full day in Haiti.  She is our new Short-Term Missionary (2 years).  I am excited for her arrival.  I will be going to Haiti on Monday to visit with the whole team.

Be praying…


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