Saturday, April 18, 2009

Master Finance Workbook 9.0 beta complete, woot!


So the past several weeks of ministry have been crazy.  2 times a year my life gets crazy-consumed in Microsoft Excel.  This iterative process is both fulfilling and annoying.  The cool part, I think the all consuming part of this process has come to an end, I think. (idealism acknowledged).

Fulfilling?  I know that my work will produce kingdom dividends.  I really like when things come together in an organized, detailed, purposeful, and even attractive form.  Function beats form, but not by much in my world!

Annoying?  The consuming nature of finance really drains me.  I do the best I can, but I am not skilled in the world of finance.  I want to focus on people.  I want to focus on other ministry.

The RMI Board of Director’s meets twice a year (other than monthly prayer and other specially called conference calls).  At these semi-annual meetings, it is my job to develop and present the budget vs. actual historical finance reports as well as the future projections.  We are currently finishing up our Fiscal Year 08/09 and preparing for 09/10.  Therefore, I have sent the board these historical/future reports 2 weeks in advance of our upcoming Board meetings on April 30-May 1.  Whew…

So, after a very long and protracted multi-year process, this latest version of the Excel workbook (which I have affectionately dubbed Master Finance Workbook 9.0 beta) is complete.  I am not saying there aren’t more changes to come, hence the google inspired “beta”, but I am quite pleased with it’s overall layout and function.  This current document has been in the works since I came to RMI and has had many revisions.  I think we have finally landed on something that provides what we need. 

I will share more about automation and efficiency, as well as transparency and accountability in the days to come.

Yes, I did much of this work, but I am indebted to the constant input of others.  Without the other leadership (especially Dan and the Board of Directors), missionaries, bookkeeper, this file would clearly not be what it is today.

I think I will finally be able to turn my uber-focus on finance to a focus on some other ministry items.  Can’t wait.


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