Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Philadelphia baseball will never be the same...

Stark: Kalas was the voice of Philadelphia

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This is well said... One of the biggest connections I had with my dad was baseball. We didn't root for the same team, but because of my dad the Phillies have a very special place in my heart. Harry Kalas' voice calling Phillies games is the first memory of baseball I have. I hear his voice and I picture my dad lying on the mustard yellow couch we had in the early 80's or on his special pillow on the living room floor cheering (or begrudging!) the team he loved so well. I'm a Cubs fan now. I was watching a broadcast the other day and said to Rob, "I'm pretty sure that player was on the Phillies. I can hear the Phillies announcer saying his name." When I think of my Dad rooting for his Phillies all I hear is Harry Kalas' voice. Philadelphia baseball will never be the same...

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