Friday, July 10, 2009

An Obsessive Precisionist needs your Opinions and Options related to Contact Lists…

contacts I am quite particular about the health, simplicity, usefulness, and organization of my contact list (address book) in my computer (please tell me you don’t still use a rolodex!).  Anyone as obsessive as I am?

I want my contacts…

  • …in one place.  I don’t want to have to update my contacts in several places.  When there is a change, I only want to change it in one place.
  • …automatically synced to several machines (Home computer, work computer, iPhone, etc). 
  • …to be synced with my donor software (TNTMPD)
  • …to be filtered or tagged into different groups (Family, Supporters, RMI, General, etc)
  • …to have unlimited Home, Work, Phone, Email fields for each listing.
  • …shared.

I have found that most of my desires are taken care of with Google Contacts.  There are still some limitations that need to be updated in Google Contacts, but it is a far step above other options.

So, here are my questions for you all…

  1. Do you know of a good solution for sharing contacts among several people?  I want to share contacts like I share calendars within Google, but true shared contacts is not available in Google.  I pray it is coming, but not yet.
  2. I have always had “households”, or husband and wife, together, in one contact entry.  But, now I am considering splitting them up.  This splitting would be most helpful in email and cell phone applications.  It seems a no brainer to split them up, but if I do, then my mailing/donor list is messed up.  I have reasons to keep them together, and reasons to split them up.  Oh, what do I do?  Your opinions?


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