Monday, August 24, 2009

It really is exciting to chase after Jesus…

My heart is about to explode. 

God is doing something.  It has become so clear.  Crystal clear.  You know when you are far from the blinding presence of the light, smog and noise of our media laden lives, homes, neighborhoods and cities, and you look up at the night sky and can clearly see the starry host almost like you have never seen them before?  Almost in High Definition?  Every star piercing through the darkness?  Every sense becomes alive with wonder and awe.  No distractions. Arms outstretched in worship.  Eyes wide open.  Heart swelling.  Marveling and overwhelmed with God’s brush strokes above. 

Yeah, it’s that clear to us.

God is doing something, and I can’t tell you how excited we are to be following him on this journey.  As we have, many ask why.  Many may think we are crazy.  Many may think we are saints (we aren’t).  Many may question our decisions.  Many may fear our safety and our children’s well being.  That’s ok.  We are here to please our Lord.  Not others.  Not ourselves. 

Yet, there really is no greater pleasure than pleasing him.  God is most pleased with us, when we are most pleased in Him.  Our earthly pleasures will fail and fall away.  They are a like the hopeless chasing of a wind.  Chasing after Jesus?  Now that will bring soul deep satisfaction.  How do I know this?  Experience.  Oh yeah, the Word of God says it to be so as well. 

Chase Him with us.


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