Saturday, November 28, 2009

Come see what we have For Sale!

for_sale_sign_1 Check out our “For Sale” web page at

We are moving to Haiti to be missionaries, therefore we must sell these things.  Your help (buying these things) is much appreciated.

For more information on our move to Haiti, please click here.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Incredible Video Testimony That Explains Why We Do What We Do.

This video is long, but totally worth the investment!  This paints a great picture as to why we do what we do.  It will be worth it to watch the whole thing, but I would especially encourage you to watch Alison @06:35, Dana @14:41, Scott @21:00, and Dan @32:02.

image This is a video of a church service on Nov 3, 2009 at one of RMI's churches, CrossRoad Church UMC in Jacksonville, FL.  They tell their story of the broad impact of the partnership they have with their Sister Church in Tiburon, Haiti, through RMI.

RMI_rgb%20(jpg%20logo) For your convenience, here are some timestamps…

  • 00:00 – Pastor Scott Crawford (Community Life Pastor) gives an introduction to their Sister Church Partnership.
  • 06:35 - Alison (Recent Team Member) shares her story, specifically related to RMI’s Hope for Kidz child sponsorship program.
  • 14:41 - Dana (recent team member) shares her dramatic story of Kingdom impact, salvation, being a God Parent.
  • 21:00 - Scott shares more Kingdom impact.
  • 26:15 - Scott shares message from Haitian Pastor Lundy to the congregation at CrossRoad Church UMC.
  • 32:02 - RMI President Dan Shoemaker thanks the congregation for their compassionate partnership and impact.
  • 37:38 - Sr. Pastor Gee challenges his congregation to live below their means to make a difference.

Finally, here is the video…

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Support Update…

thermometernew A big Thank You to those of you who are praying for us and to those who have given financially.

Final Goal Progress…  (By March 1)

As you can see from our thermometer, we have raised 81% of our Monthly Need and 43% of our 1X Need.

Short Term Goal Progress… (By Dec 1)

As you probably remember, we need to raise $12,000 of our 1X need by Dec 1 in order to send our container to Haiti in December.  So far we have raised approximately $6000 of this $12,000!

pledgebutton donate 

Read our Original Support Letter  |  Our Website

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Urgent/Special Request from Rob and Becky

We need to raise $12,000 in the next 30 days.

We need your help.  You know we have been raising funds as we prepare to move to Haiti.  We are getting close, and deadlines are quickly approaching!

Right now, we are at 82% of our monthly need and 32% of our 1x need.  You can get an update here.

Although we technically have until March to be fully supported, a significant portion of our "1x need" must be received this month if we are to remain on schedule.  If we are to stay on track, and send our container on or about December 15th to Haiti, we must raise about $12,000 between now and November 30.  This $12,000 covers the container and shipping costs, customs taxes and fees, as well as some required ministry equipment and supplies that we need to pack in the container.

Would you consider a special donation here at the end of the year to help us get to Haiti?

Want to donate Online?
Visit  You can donate securely via your checking account or credit card account.  FYI, if you want to make a large donation, donating via your checking account online or sending in a paper check in the mail would be preferred due to Credit Card processing fees.

Want to donate via check in the mail?
Mail your check to the address below.  Make it payable to RMI.  Please note on the check or by separate sheet that it is for our 1x needs to get to Haiti.  If you are sending a check, let us know at

We don't know how this is going to happen, but we believe it will happen.  If you can't give financially, would you please pray?


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Exaggeration, God Has Done a Miracle.

rose Who will do my job here in RMI’s FL Office?  7 months ago, Becky and I made a decision to move to Haiti.  One of the lingering burdens has been “Who will fill my role here at the RMI FL Office?”

I realize that God doesn’t “need” us.  He has called us.  He uses us.  He wants us.  But he doesn’t need us.  I realize that each of us can easily be replaced.  But, my departure genuinely leaves a hole, and just going out to hire someone isn’t an option.  Finding the right person would certainly take a while.  What would we do in the meantime?  Surely, it would take years to recruit someone and then have them raise support.  Right?


God is on the move and has truly done a miracle!  I can’t tell you how confirming this is.  This is such a miracle, that it can only be credited to God…

RMI’s new VP of Operations started TODAY!

He brings a ministry mindset with business savvy, fresh perspective, a desire for planning and organizing, forward thinking, proven management skills, big dreams.

Can you tell I am excited?

Read the official announcement on the RMI Blog