Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Exaggeration, God Has Done a Miracle.

rose Who will do my job here in RMI’s FL Office?  7 months ago, Becky and I made a decision to move to Haiti.  One of the lingering burdens has been “Who will fill my role here at the RMI FL Office?”

I realize that God doesn’t “need” us.  He has called us.  He uses us.  He wants us.  But he doesn’t need us.  I realize that each of us can easily be replaced.  But, my departure genuinely leaves a hole, and just going out to hire someone isn’t an option.  Finding the right person would certainly take a while.  What would we do in the meantime?  Surely, it would take years to recruit someone and then have them raise support.  Right?


God is on the move and has truly done a miracle!  I can’t tell you how confirming this is.  This is such a miracle, that it can only be credited to God…

RMI’s new VP of Operations started TODAY!

He brings a ministry mindset with business savvy, fresh perspective, a desire for planning and organizing, forward thinking, proven management skills, big dreams.

Can you tell I am excited?

Read the official announcement on the RMI Blog


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