Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He’s Surprising Us!

It seems to me that Braden is doing new things every day!  He is our third child, so we shouldn’t be surprised when he does, right?  After all, we are supposed to remember what Drew and Tessa did at 16 months of age; be prepared.  The truth is, I forget a lot, and Braden is different from his brother and sister. 

New words have been spilling out of Braden’s mouth.  His latest are “car” (cah) and “more” (ma).  Anything with wheels is a car.  He’s trying so hard to communicate and gets really frustrated when he can’t.  That’s very different than Drew and Tessa. 

So the other day at lunch he was pointing and saying “ma, ma, ma” and we just couldn’t figure out what he wanted.  He was getting really mad too!  More milk?  No, cause he threw it when we handed it to him.  More goldfish?  No, he angrily pushed them all off his tray. “Ma, ma, ma…”  Everything we could think of he got mad when we gave it to him.  There was a fork on the table and Rob said, “maybe he wants a fork?”  So Rob went to the drawer and got out a kid fork and handed it to Braden.  He proceeds to poke his watermelon with the fork and starts using it like he’s been doing it for months.  I think he ate the rest of his lunch with his fork!

Sunday, we were pretty lazy after lunch and didn’t clean up the table right away.  A little while later we catch Braden holding his bowl with the rest of his yogurt from lunch and eating it with a spoon.  All by himself. 

I think he thinks he’s a big boy!


I’ve got to include some pics of his newest skill, plus an extra one just because it’s cute!

IMG_1504  IMG_1503




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