Saturday, December 12, 2009

Very frustrated and disappointed with DirecTv…

DirecTv, please help me out!

Here is my story…

I just called to cancel our service since we are moving to Haiti to serve with RMI.

They tell me that I have a commitment with DirecTv through April 2011.  I had no idea!

In fact, I can tell you, I was totally convinced that we had no contract.  I wish I could remember what they told me in the beginning, word for word.  I can’t be absolutely certain, but I am quite confident I asked specifically because I was in no position to sign a 2 year contract.   I knew in March/April that our move to Haiti was quite possible. I never would have knowingly done it.  Not asking about a commitment would have been pretty dumb on my part!  We signed up for DirecTv in April of this year. 

DirecTv doesn’t even offer service in Haiti, yet they want me to pay for service.  Ugh.

I called them today, spoke with a customer service rep, Eduardo, then I spoke with his Manager, Ray, and they both tell me there is nothing they can do.  Really?  Nothing they can do?  Hard to believe.  They told me I can write a letter to corporate.  I will.

So, I am told I have to pay $20/month until April 2011.  That’s about $340 to cancel!  Wow…

I am so disappointed with DirecTv!


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