Friday, January 15, 2010

We want to be in Haiti, HELP!

It is so hard to be here in NJ.  We want to be in Haiti. 

I want to… dig people out, stand with my Haitian brothers and sisters, support RMI’s relief effort down there, listen and pray with our Haitian staff as they hear of the death of so many loved ones, drive vehicles of supplies around, get out to our Sister Churches to get damage reports, give our RMI missionary staff some much needed rest, etc etc…

For now, we will pray.

For now, we will continue to focus on fund raising so that we can get down there in March.  We can’t wait.

We need your help.

Can you pledge to give monthly to help us serve in Haiti?  Many are giving 50/75/100 a month to support our work in Haiti.

Maybe monthly is too much.  Can you pledge to give annually

Any pledge helps us reach our goal.

Pledge Here.

Give Online Here.

Learn how to give Here.


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