Thursday, March 11, 2010

My World Has Been Rocked!

actionsteps This last month here at CIT has turned my world upside down on so many levels.  My foundations have been shaken, but yet strengthened.  My values have been questioned, yet reformed.  My ethnocentricity has been revealed, yet I am aware that it is still grossly present.  My appreciation for investigating and defining the Haitian worldview has been ignited.  My desires to listen, to watch, and to learn have been loosed.  I have experienced the depths and heights of the Gospel anew.  I have an exciting journey ahead that I have barely even begun.

Today, we finished up our “Equipping Course”.  Next week is linguistics…

At the end of today’s session we had to list some action steps for the next 3 months as we transition into cross-cultural life and ministry.  Without context, it might be hard to fully understand these, but here are my action steps…

  • Care for my family.
  • Find a mentor and ask questions.
  • Work at completing ethnography.
  • Be a learner.
  • Know myself.  Know culture.  Know God.
  • Love (wife, family, God, Haitians)

I thank the Lord for providing this opportunity.  It has changed my life.


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