Monday, March 8, 2010

Pinch Me. Is this REALLY Happening?

Our container arrived in Cayes yesterday and was unloaded today!  This is a huge answer to prayer!  The container arrived in Port-au-Prince 3 days before the earthquake, and for a few weeks we did not know if we lost all of our earthly belongings.  We received word a month ago that the container was believed to be safe.  I still can't believe it's already out of customs.  That was faster than we expected. Praise the Lord!

RMI missionary Amy Long took these pictures for us.  The kids loved seeing some of their things in Haiti!  They were particularly excited to see their bikes!  It's becoming real.  I think it hit me today, looking at the pictures, that we are moving to Haiti in about 4 weeks!  There are so many emotions that come with that realization-- excitement, anxiety, readiness for our new "normal".  I thought to myself, "we are actually doing this."  We have been talking about it for the last year, have been raising a team of prayer and financial supporters, packed up our house in FL and moved out, lived in NJ for six weeks, and are halfway through Intercultural Training, but today was the first time it actually felt REAL.

In the beginning of support-raising, I said to Rob that I couldn't wait to see how God would provide the $38,000 we needed in one time costs.  It seemed so impossible that I couldn't wrap my head around how we were going to do it.  I concluded it would only be by the hand of God.  And it was!  By January, He had brought all the 1x funds in.  And He used so many different people to make it happen.  Recently, we have been wondering where the rest of our monthly support would come from.  In the last 2 weeks alone, we have had 5 new monthly commitments to bring our remaining need to $413 per month.  I am praising God for His provision.  He is making it happen and using so many of you in ways I could have never imagined.  We are now officially at 95%.  Could it be YOU God uses to get us all the way there? 


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