Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beach Days

We were given good advice to enjoy the first few months in our new host country, Haiti.  During this “honeymoon phase” we were advised to act like tourists and take lots of pictures.  It’s been fun to see the beauty of Haiti and also see it through the kids eyes.  Hopefully you can see we have been doing just that!

The past two Sunday afternoons, we have gone to the beach!  The first Sunday, we went to Rainbow Beach, my favorite of the two.  Here are a few of my favorite pics.  Drew was there, I promise, but he was in the water the entire time and we didn’t get too many pics of him. You can see the rest at





Last Sunday we went to Port Salut.  We ate lunch at a restaurant right on the beach—lobster, chicken, banan peze, and rice and beans.  Delicious! This beach was fun too, but it was a very long way to the water so it was not as easy with kids.  There were fishing boats lining the shore and even a fishing net hanging across the beach.





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