Saturday, April 10, 2010


Our first morning in Haiti, at breakfast, Drew made a comment about there being flies around.  It was said with a little trepidation, like he wasn’t sure if they were going to bite or not.  They were simple black flies, but they are always around in Haiti.  We usually eat outside so I didn’t want him to be nervous about them so I said, “Oh that’s just Jack, he can’t hurt you.”  I’m not sure how it developed, but by the end of the meal we were naming all the flies, only they were family members.  So far, Aunt Amy, Uncle Dan, Justin, Jyden, Malachi, Aunt Shari, Mom-Mom, Uncle Chip, Aunt Karen, Grandmom, Pop-Pop, and Mattie have visited us at different meals.  The kids get a good laugh and have been looking forward to new flies coming around!   As a plus, we have a fun reason to be thinking about our family 3 times a day!  I’m sure we’ll start seeing the rest of our family and our friends. If you haven’t come flying around our mealtimes yet, I’m sure we’ll see you soon.  And if we shoo you away, please don’t take offense :)


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