Saturday, April 10, 2010

The New Adventures of Drew, Tessa and Braden…

We’ve had 2 full days now in Haiti.  Most of it has involved unpacking and getting settled at our new home.  We are sleeping and eating at RMI’s guesthouse while we get our home ready.  The kids are loving it so far and really enjoying all the new things they are exploring.  Being a missionary kid sure can be fun!  Here is a running list of the new adventures of Drew, Tessa and Braden:

  • collected and opened too many varieties to count of seed pods… after all, almost every tree and plant is new and Drew has to see what’s inside.
  • climbed up and down the “cliff” to our garden.
  • tree climbing   
  • IMG_3148 




  • first taste of Haitian mango, abricot, and pineapple.
  • first ride on a four-wheeler.


  • Drew’s already starting to use the little creole he knows.. and using new phrases he learned today… and doing it all on his own!
  • made new friends… missionary kids and Haitian friends.
  • collected coconuts, drank fresh coconut milk, and tried coconut meat.
  • played in the rain
  • saw our first sunset from our new home


  • collected breadfruit with the help if Calene, Josette and Marita.  This involved a HUGE branch reaching high up into the tree and using the branch to twist off the fruit.  Of course, Drew wanted to cut it open to check out what was inside.
  • played with Marita


  • rode in the bed of a pick-up truck (a very short ride, Grandmom, I promise)
  • got VERY dirty
  • sat on motorcycles—Braden’s favorite (no rides)
  • IMG_3118 IMG_3113



  • met and fed “Spike”, the iguana who came with the house—Braden thinks he’s hilarious
  • drank boxed milk and didn’t flinch (Mommy snuck that in.  They didn’t seem to notice a difference)

Being a missionary isn’t all fun and games, but we sure are enjoying our first few days!


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