Monday, May 31, 2010

Braden’s Zami

Creole word for the day: Zami (pronounced zah-mee) which means friend.

Meet Merihta (pronounced Meh-ree-tah).  She comes every day (M-F) to help us with the kids.  She is the reason that Rob and I are able to focus on language learning every morning.  We have a tutor come to our house from 9 to 10 AM and then we try to focus on studying individually from 10 to 12.  She doesn’t speak English, so she is especially great for the kids language development. 

Tessa calls her “my friend” and loves to play a game she made up called “hide the X.”  Drew often does his own thing playing outside when Merihta is here.  It’s Braden who especially loves hanging with Merihta.  She pushes him around on a two-wheeled bike (making him think he’s a big boy), lets him sit on Daddy’s motorcycle, and helps him color (the boy is obsessed with coloring right now… well, scribbling.)

Braden wasn’t thrilled with the whole idea of hanging out with Merihta at first, especially since he knew Mommy and Daddy were still at the house.  But he’s come around—I think he thinks she’s his best zami!

These pics were taken last week.  I think it rained the entire week and, used to being outside almost all day long,  the kids were getting restless inside.  I had made them a “tent” in the living room before she even got to the house that morning.




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