Monday, June 28, 2010


Here are a few “firsts” for us as a family in Haiti.

We spent our first night at the Zanglais Retreat center with the team from Florida Bible Church.  The kids tried sugar cane for the first time there.  I think Tessa was the only one who seemed to like it.  They all have the best faces in this photo!IMG_4384







This past Thursday, a guy came to our house selling lobster.  Tessa wouldn’t touch them, but Drew had no problem!  They made a yummy lunch the next day!  They were caught fresh that morning, and at the equivalent of $3 US a pound, a special treat at a good price!



We finally made our first trip to a sister church as a family.  The last time we attempted this, we had to turn right around because Drew got sick, and 2 hours after we returned home, everyone but me was sick for 3 days with a stomach big.  No fun.  Today we went to Picot (pronounced pee-koh), attended the church service and had lunch with the team before we headed back for the day.  A three hour church service in a language you and your kids can’t understand (yet!) is really hard, but it was definitely worth it.  I left during the sermon with the kids and we made our way over to the cooking area. I was able to practice my Creole with the ladies making lunch, they fussed over Braden, Tessa played with any rock she could find, and Drew quickly made some friends and was off.  Over all, a great experience for our family.  Oh, and lollipops help keep the kids occupied.





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