Thursday, August 19, 2010

God’s Good Gifts

I really love when I see glimpses of God’s truth resonate in my kids’ hearts; when I can see they are really thinking about what we are trying to teach them.  Tonight we had one of those moments and it was pretty cool!

For our family worship time, we are working thruLeading Little Ones to God: A Child’s Book of Bible Teachings” by Marian M. Schoolland.  A special thanks to Drew’s former preschool teacher, Mary Bergen, for suggesting it to us and taking an extra step and sending us a copy!  We are loving the theology the kids are getting working through this book.

Tonight we read and talked about the good things God gives us.  I really resonated with this.  The author talked about how God takes care of us and gives us beautiful things to enjoy.  Even though it was written for children, there was a nugget there for me—something I had never thought about before.  The author talked about when God made Adam and Eve, he put them in the beautiful Garden of Eden.  When they sinned, God took that away from them.  BUT, He did not take all the beautiful things away from them.  They certainly didn’t deserve beautiful things that would make them happy, but despite their sin, God wanted them to still be happy because He loved them.

One of the questions at the end was “what are some of God’s good gifts to us today?”  We all took turns answering.  Rob and I went first because we wanted Drew and Tessa to really think about their answer, not just say “Jesus.”  Rob said his wife (awww…) and I said the gift of three beautiful children. 

Drew, who I could tell was really thinking about it, said all the plants he’s been growing and all the seeds that had sprouted.  Right now Drew is really into planting things and I could tell he connected with the idea that these were God’s good gifts to him.  Then Tessa said, “all the kids.”  Rob and I were confused at first and thought maybe she really didn’t get it, but then we asked her what she meant by that, what kids?  Turns out, she was really thankful for her brothers.  She really meant it!  It was very sweet to see Drew, with big smile on his face, turn to Tessa and give her a big hug.

Braden made his way into a box of clothes and came across an old pair of Drew’s sneakers that I was saving for him.  He insisted on putting them on, and they fit him well.  He has been obsessed with these shoes today and pretty proud of them too.  Rob said, “Braden, what good gift did God give you?” and Braden said, with a huge smile, “blue shoes!”  He’s been saying that all day so it really made us all laugh!

Here’s a beautiful gift God gave to Rob yesterday: a gorgeous sunset with Braden.


Our family worship times don’t always go smooth or end well.  Today’s family worship time was one of those good gifts from God that I will cherish.

So, what are some of God’s good gifts to you today?


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