Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mom and Dad T’s Visit to Haiti:Part Two

Part Two highlights the fun parts of their trip.  The whole trip was fun: just showing them where we live and about life here was very enjoyable.  This isn’t all we did, but some of my favorite parts.

On Sunday, after church, we took them to our favorite beach, Rainbow Beach.  Other missionaries were there so we all had fun hanging out. I think Mom and Dad enjoyed getting know the other missionaries that live here in Cayes, as well as playing on the beach.

IMG_3141  beach 2

Monday morning, Dad got to work and Rob and I had our Creole lesson.  I came back from our lesson to find Mom in the kitchen with Carline and Josette.  They were all laughing, Mom was learning some Creole words, and she was telling me all about the ingredients they used in some of the dishes.  Here she was stirring the diri kole (rice and beans) that she “helped” make!  We had lobster and bannann peze as well that day.  Anyone that knows Mom, knows she is crazy about fresh juice.  She had a blast everyday in the kitchen helping to make sitwon, zoranj and chadek juices for our meals.


We definitely ate well at lunch all week!  It was fun to plan a menu that included some the of the fresh things Haiti has to offer.  In addition to the juice and lobster, we had fish, roasted chicken and a  full-out Haitian meal (bannann peze, grio, akra, legim, and rice).  We also had pizza!

thompsons and staff

I love this pic.  It was taken on a walk around where we live.  To the right is the driveway that goes down to our house.


My kids have been loving these “swimming pools.”  Grandmom watched the kids play in them on Saturday and decided it was too hot not to get in herself!  She did this with the kids a few of the days they were here!  She and Tessa, especially, made some really good memories!

IMG_5088  IMG_5092

A beautiful sunset view from our yard one evening.


Grandmom set a date, place and time with Tessa and Braden for another pool excursion.  They planned to “swim” the next morning at 9AM under the thatched-roof gazebo in our yard.


It was also fun that Mom and Dad came right between Braden and Tessa’s birthday’s, so they got to enjoy seeing the kids open gifts from them.IMG_5071









Our last night together we had a campfire.  Drew was busy planning and building it before they came and collected all the scrap wood to burn.  We used to have a nice tree in that circle, but it died, and we have yet to replace it.  It made a nice place to enjoy a campfire.  Drew and Pop-Pop lit it together.


Overall, a really fun week that went by fast!  We can’t wait for them to visit again!

So who is going to come see us next?


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