Sunday, October 24, 2010

Even the bugs are singing praises…

Our house, while very secure, is wide open.  There are no glass windows as you in the states would know them.  There are a type of louvered glass slats that can be closed, but it’s crazy to close them… it’s just too hot.  There are screens on the windows to keep the bugs, tree frogs and lizards out, and they do a decent job keeping out the huge amount that would flock to the lights at night.  There are decorative bars on the windows for security and the front “porch” is also enclosed with these bars.  To lock up the house at night, I put a padlock on the gate of our porch.  We hear everything loud and clear—storms, rain, tree frogs, animals, bugs… the list goes on and on.

There is such joy and wonder when your child discovers something that we hear all the time and are so used to we almost don’t even notice.  Tonight was one of those nights.


Braden came up to me right before book time (right before bed.)  He had an inquisitive, perplexed, and excited look on his face.  “Mommy, outside!  hmmm-hmmmmmm…  hmmm-hmmmmmm.  Noise! Mommy, outside!”  All the beetles and crickets were singing like they do on a dark summer night.  “Braden!  The bugs are singing!” I told him.  “They are praising Jesus!  Do you hear them?”  A big nod and smile, and he ran back over to our front, screen door.  Such joy and wonder in the eyes of my baby boy tonight.  Such joy and wonder in my heart.


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