Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sister Church visit to Dame Marie…

I had the privilege of leading the RMI team as we went out with Calvary Baptist Church, Pemberton, NJ, as they visited their Sister Church in Dame Marie, Haiti.  What a joy it was to see the fruits of a long standing partnership between these 2 churches.

Here are some pictures…

I got quite sick on the last night of our visit, but I got better pretty quickly.  Thanks to Pastor Guy for driving the team home as I slept in the passenger seat! Thank the Lord I got better quickly because 2 days later I headed back out into the field with another church on another Sister Church visit.

I watched as relationships were developed, many pastors of many churches were encouraged, proclaimers (solar powered audio Bibles) were handed out to district pastors, lives were changed, hearts were won for Christ, open air evangelism was accomplished, widow visits were done,  the church was painted, computers were donated, and Jenga was played!

Great trip!


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