Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Adventures of an MK: Drew

I think my kids are so blessed to be growing up here in Haiti.  Yes, there are some things they might miss out on over the years, like team sports and a large school, but there are so many other things they get to do and experience that most other American kids will never get to do.  Adventures are the norm for them—there is always something new to do or explore.  I love seeing how they respond so differently.  I love seeing their little personalities flourish here!

Drew is amazing us with his knowledge of the Creole language.  He tells us he doesn’t learn anything at school, but then I will hear him speak a complete and grammatically correct sentence to our house help, and I know he’s learning much more than he thinks.  Often they will say something to him and he’ll respond either in English or Creole and we can just see he understands what is being said.  It’s so cool!

Drew is more of a reserved, keep to himself kid.  He loves to find stuff to do outside and can entertain himself for hours.  He doesn’t like to play in large groups and is often happiest to play with one or two of his friends.  When you go out to a village there are many people (especially kids) who have never seen a “blan” (foreigner.)  People gathered all around us all the time in Astruc, touching us, our hair, etc…  Drew doesn’t really like that.   But he found plenty to keep him entertained even with the kids all gathered around.

The first morning, before church, he was chasing the chickens around the yard and collecting chicken feathers.  At the end of the week, he told Rob that he didn’t want to visit other churches, just this church.  When Rob asked why, Drew told him he only liked “chicken churches.”  Rob replied, “Drew, they are ALL chicken churches!”  He was thrilled to hold this chicken (who was tied up to become a meal later in the week.)  He also liked petting the goat (also for lunch that week) and checking out the big pigs.


Here he is collecting sticks and to make a “fire”, an activity he did much that week!





One of the teams big projects was increasing the capacity of the church’s water cistern and adding a chlorinator.  Drew was the supervisor for all aspects of the project.





Rob set it up one day to have someone bring their donkey so the kids could have a ride.  I think this was a highlight for Drew!  He loved it!











A huge pile of rocks and sand made for hours of fun.








And sometimes the only other form of entertainment you need is branches

IMG_6432 IMG_6433

Overall, Drew had a great week!  It’s fun being an MK!


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