Friday, December 10, 2010

A light moment in the midst of gunfire!

Today at lunch, I put up my hand like a gun and asked the Haitian ladies how you say “gun”.  We have heard a lot of gun fire today, so I wanted to know how many Haitians have guns.  They said it was “dwèt”.  So, I asked “How many Haitian have a dwèt/gun?  They said everyone!  Can you believe that all Haitians have a dwet?  You should have seen Becky and I.  REALLY?  Every Haitian has a gun!  We were astonished.  We kept asking the ladies, and they just sort of nonchalantly said, sure, every Haitian has a dwèt/gun.

Then, we realized, dwèt is actually finger, not gun.  Duh…  yes, every Haitian has a finger.  We had a nice laugh over that one!

Gun is “zam”, and now we know that only some Haitian’s have a zam.


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