Saturday, February 19, 2011

I wish I had a window into Braden’s mind…

I would love to know what goes thru Braden’s mind.  I look at him and think about how lucky he is to grow up here!  His experiences growing up are and will be completely different than mine.  His perspective on life and his worldview are being molded right now, as he learns to speak (two languages, which to him, is one big language) and as he interacts with the world around him.  Since we moved to Haiti before he turned two years old, I know he will know nothing other than this life.  His world is different in such a neat way.  It’s so much more adventurous!

The night before Rob takes a moto trip to visit a church, he usually sets out all his gear, since he usually leaves pretty early.  Braden loves to try it all on!











He loves being outside!  We really enjoying going to this area called Tet Simon.  It’s 2 big hills with cows and other animals grazing.  Rob and I like to go to see the sunset and the kids love to run across the hills, jumping over the cow “patties”.  These pics are a true example of Braden’s personality.  Don’t back up and step on the cow poop, Braden!









Every day transportation is much different for us here too.  No piling the kids in the minivan!  Here is how I usually transport all three kids.



Drew doesn’t usually ride like this—he just jumped on the side to pose for the picture.  He usually climbs on the back and holds on to me.




Braden loves climbing on the rocks and he loves his Daddy.








At 2 & 1/2, he understands two languages, is learning to speak 2 languages, gets to ride motorcycles and four-wheelers,  and plays outside all day.  What a great life!


He just walked by, looked at the picture of himself and Daddy and said, “Look, me chita la with Daddy on me rock!”  Haha!  I love his Crenglish!

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