Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 Missionary Ladies Retreat—Part Two

Back to sharing with you about the retreat!  Sorry it’s taken too long.  It’s been a busy week here.

After our big adventure the first day just getting our speakers to Haiti, we were glad for a day to rest a little and recuperate.  We spent Thursday getting ready and I kept them busy showing them around where we live and meeting some of the missionary ladies.  That night we took them to a Haitian restaurant for some Haitian food.  Unfortunately, Tessa threw up all over the table so it was an interesting night.  Tessa ended up having a 24 hour stomach bug.  It was hard to leave her the next day to go on the retreat, but she was in good hands with Rob.

Vicki, Donna, and Terri ready to take a tour of the area we live.  Also, a picture of Amy, Rob and I with the ladies at the RMI Guest House right after staff devotions.



We woke up to a rainy day Friday.  We spent much of the weekend praying for the rain to stay away, and for the most part it did.  It turn out to be an overcast weekend and a little drizzly on and off, but the heavy rains stayed away.  We packed up and headed to the retreat center early to get ready for all the other missionary ladies to arrive later in the afternoon.  Here Terri and Donna are packing up the bags of goodies they brought for all of us.  Amy and I are ready for everyone’s arrival at the registration table.  The gazebo, overlooking the Caribbean, is where all of our sessions were held.










We really enjoyed a weekend of fellowship, fun and God’s Word.  We looked at the story of the woman who touched Jesus’ robe and was healed from different passages of scripture.  We were reminded of how much we are loved by God, that we can depend on Him, and how much he cares for us.  We had wonderful times of worship and prayer .  There were games and activities scattered throughout the sessions that served a dual purpose:  they tied back in some way to the lesson and offered us missionaries a way to learn more about each other.  One of my biggest blessings from the weekend was the time getting to know each other on a deeper level and just have fun together!

During one of the sessions, we divided into groups and made our “perfect friend.”



Our speakers brought these blankets that were in two pieces.  We were to knot them together, to make one blanket, but we did all kinds of different things with them.  They say “God loves you” and were to remind us that we are blanketed in God’s love.  In the gazebo, we sat with our prayer partners and worked on them and prayed with one another.  A couple people knotted them poncho-style!












We had lots of fun time to hang out and play games. 










We had sweet times of prayer with our prayer partners.

DSC03510 DSC03506

We closed up Sunday morning as God’s princesses!  It was a fun activity to remind us that we are daughters of the Most High King!















Such a fun weekend!  Thank you much to the ladies in Terri’s Bible study for sponsoring all the goodies and supplies for the weekend.  Much thanks to my Mom’s Bible study for sponsoring some of these ladies so they could attend free of charge.  We left refreshed in body and spirit and all felt like we knew each other a little bit better at the end of the weekend.  We all have different ministries in Haiti, but we all serve the same God and I am blessed to serve here with this group of special ladies.

I am so thankful to Terri, Vicki, and Donna for coming down to minister to us!  We truly were blessed by you!


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