Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jersey’s First Beach Day

In case you didn’t hear the news, we got a puppy in March!  Another missionary here was bringing back a puppy from the same litter for his kids and mentioned there was one more and that he’d be willing to bring them both.  We felt the cost was perfect (free, except we split the cost of the flight fees), the kids were at a good age and it was just the type of dog we wanted for our family.  We named her Jersey and call her Jersey Girl sometimes :)  Her mom is a full-bred Golden Retriever and dad is a black lab-mix.  Her brother lives just up the road and they love to play together.  She is golden in color and looks a lot like a lab, but as she’s getting older she has more of the longer snout of a Golden Retriever.  Her brother, Kabu, is black and looks just like a lab.  Here is a picture when we surprised the kids with her back in March.  She’s already changed so much since then!




Two weekends ago we took her to the beach for the first time.  The kids were so excited to take her with us.  She was pretty nervous the whole car ride there (about 45 minutes).  She really loved the freedom to run and dig in the sand!



She really enjoyed rolling around in the sand and found a nice, cool place to rest when she got tired.







Then Rob took her down to the water and she was pretty afraid of it at first.  But Rob picked her up and carried her in and in no time she was swimming to the shore herself!  It was fun to watch her learn.  After that, she’d get in the water all by herself, swim to Rob and back to the shore.  I think we need to take her every time we go!






We all had a fun beach day.  Here are some pics of the other fun stuff we did:



IMG_8605 IMG_8599


Such a fun day!


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