Sunday, August 28, 2011

Frederickson Has no Future… or Does He?

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a family right here in the Cayes area who were tragically/deeply affected by the earthquake.  The husband/father was killed, leaving behind mom and kids.  The family has moved here to Cayes.  They are currently living in a rented home (in the background of this pic), but are being evicted with no place to go.  Frederickson’s (sitting on my lap) mom can’t find any work.  Therefore, there is limited food, no school for the kids, painting a very hazy picture for their future.  What are their dreams? What hope to the have?

I’m glad we are here in Haiti.

Thanks to David Uttley for taking these pictures during the visit…


Here is a picture of me handing out “Life of Christ” picture books to the children.



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