Friday, August 19, 2011

Home #50 is Complete. Much More to be Done.

RMI vigorously launched our campaign to provide housing to earthquake displaced families after the EQ of Jan 2010.  Just the other day, we completed our 50th home!  Praise the Lord!  On the Haiti side, RMI Missionary Gary McLaughlin has done a great job in facilitating this program, and Wilfred Fanfan, RMI Construction Boss, has done a great job leading our Haitian build team to make it all happen. 

I have had the privilege of handing over the keys to just a couple of these families.  They had tears in their eyes and joy in their hearts.  It’s been a pleasure for me to see it all happen.

Sadly, I constantly meet families, living even here in Cayes, who are still in a desperate situation due to a lack of stable housing.  The tent cities in PAP remain.

Last week, right here in Cayes, I visited the home of a family of 7 who are living in a rented 64 sqft room, with only half a roof made of metal, the remainder a tarp.  No beds.  They all sleep together on a blanket on the ground.  They lost their home in PAP in the EQ. No relief in sight.  Typical story.

I met another family of 4 who lost their husband and father in the earthquake.  They are living in a rented home.  They have no income, and the Mom clearly can’t afford to send their 3 beautiful children to school.  I was told the Homeowner is evicting them soon and they don’t know where they will go.

Story after story.  They are hard to hear.  May God listen to the cries of the masses here in Haiti.  I am glad I get the honor of being on the front line of God’s response.

50 Homes for 50 families.  Praise the Lord.


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