Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No, No, The Road is Not Easy…

IMG_1200The other day, we sang a song in our daily staff devotions.  It seems to me to be a perfect expression of the Haitian Christian mindset/culture.  The song was “Chemen an pa Fasil” – “The Road is not Easy”.  In fact, there is a distinct acceptance and resignation to this reality. Haitians even have a saying for operating in this context, “degaje” (make due with what you have). It’s a necessary reality.

In a much different way, this song is also a great explanation of my maturing mindset (I have a LONG way to go).  We are living in a context where everything is constantly in a state of disrepair, with not much expertise to fix it.  Every day our internet comes and goes, and no one can explain why, and no one can fix it.  Our plumbing leaks, electrical systems seam possessed, appliances are always acting up, people are constantly in need, vehicles are always broken down, equipment is constantly spent, etc etc etc.  I feel like a say every day, there is just no way I can write “home” and explain this context to you.  You have to live in our shoes to believe it.

So here is the song…

Chemen an pa fasil – The road is not easy
Jouk nou rive Genyen nan siel la – Until we arrive in Heaven
Li genyen pikan e piej anpil, – It has prickly problems and many obstacles
Chemin an pa fasil – The road is not easy
Men Jezi mache ak nou – But Jesus walks with us
Li rann ke nou tout a fe trankil – He makes our hearts full of peace

Ke: – Chorus
Non, non, chemen an pa fasil (bis) – No, No, the road is not easy (2x)
Men Jezi mache ak nou – But Jesus walks with us
Li pote fado nou – He carries our burdens
Gras Li fe ke nou rejuoi anpil – His Grace makes our hearts rejoice

IMG_1202Right after we sang this song, we reflected upon Isaiah 41:10. 
I translated this from the Creole Bible because I think it captures the Haitian spirit…

“You all don’t need to fear.  I am there with you!
You don’t need to let anything give you a jumping heart.
It’s me myself who is your God.
I am holding you with the strength of my wrists that will never lose a battle.”


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