Monday, October 10, 2011

Tessa Started Kindergarten!

Tessa started her second (and final) year at Kindergarten Lumiere last week.  Last year when she started, she knew very little Creole and everything was new.  There were lots and lots and lots and lots of tears that first week.  This year was quite the opposite!  She was very excited to go and see her friends again!  When she got home that first day , she told me all the girls are her friends. :)

Here are a few pics of her first day:







They usually start each day with an assembly outside in the school’s courtyard by singing the Haitian National Anthem and some other songs.  For some reason they did not do this the first day, so I stuck around again the second day to get some pics.  As soon as we arrived, two girls took Tessa by the hand and led her right to her class to put her bag away then they walked hand in hand all over the playground before assembly started.  It was so sweet to watch!








Tessa calls Medline her best school friend.  It took no time for them to find something to climb together!



Here are some pics from the assembly and marching up to her classroom.





She knows so much Creole this year, knows what to expect at her school and was thrilled to see her friends again.  She is loving school!  What a difference a year makes!


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