Monday, January 16, 2012

Astruc Church and School… Dewormed!

Recently, The Orchard EFC paid for and initiated their second annual Deworming Clinic in their partnership community, Astruc, Haiti.  RMI Pharmacist Becky Thompson, Nurse Denise Joseph (Benson’s wife), RMI Translator Marie France, and RMI Administrator Benjamin Altema completed this clinic.  Every child and adult in the Astruc church and school received deworming meds. The Orchard EFC team will be arriving in Haiti in less than one week to do deworming clinics (among other things), including prevention training, to deworm 2 more communities in their Sister Church Partnership District.

According to Deworm the World, “Over 600 million school-age children are infected with parasitic worms. These infections are chronic and widespread, harming children’s health and development and limiting their participation in school.  School-based deworming is universally recognized as a safe, simple and cost-effective solution. The benefits of school-based deworming are both immediate and enduring. Regular treatment can reduce school absenteeism by 25% and increase adult earnings by over 20%, and at a cost of less than 50 US cents per child per year.”

You can see more pictures here.

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