Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finally! a Date with my Hubby!

Life has been incredibly busy here since the beginning of the new year.  So far we’ve had 8 teams, 3 other groups, Rob has been to the States twice for meetings and little time off.  The one respite we had was the annual missionary retreat in February.  Unfortunately among the busyness of life and ministry, this blog has become a little neglected.  We realize this is our main source of reporting about life and ministry here in Haiti and we are committed to catching up and moving forward with all that’s been happening!

One thing Rob and I have had no time for is any kind of date.  So when some friends told us they would take our kids, that were weren’t to do any work and go on a date we started thinking of all the great things we could do!  The hard part here in Haiti is finding things that don’t take forever.  We love to do beach day dates, but they are few and far between because if we are going to drive the distance (45 minutes) we need to be there for some length of time.

After much discussion and sharing of ideas, we decided to go on a motorcycle ride and then head to town for lunch at Nami’s—a Chinese restaurant here in Cayes.  That was “the plan.”  Be prepared cause in Haiti plans change quickly!  Here is a photo of us ready to go for our ride.photo1

Our destination wasn’t very far away, but boy it was steep, rocky and rutty.  Here we are at the top.  Also some of the views we enjoyed. That is the Caribbean and the island of Isle la Vache in the distance. We had a great time sitting and talking.




When it was time to go, we headed back down the mountain.  When we got to the bottom, we realized we had a flat tire.  Ugh!  But it turned out to be a great experience for us.  Rob knew what we had to do to find someone to fix it, but it was his first time without someone to help him.  We quickly found someone (after I had to walk all the way up a huge hill).  He found a hole in the tube and worked on repairing it.  One and a half hours and the repair of 3 holes in the tube LATER, we were on our way.


It was kind of neat to be sitting on a road in the heart of Haiti, talking together and talking to the people.  We watched many faces light up in a smile when they heard us greet them in Creole.  Watched an older man pick breadfruit off a tree with a stick.  Listened to a radio station blaring from someone’s house.  Amazed at the load of ver-ti-ver this dump truck was carrying.photo6   “Where on earth did that truck come from?” we thought.  The road back there was no where big enough to fit that truck!  Here it had stopped because it had lost a large amount of it’s load and they needed to run back and pick it up.  All while Rob’s bike was getting worked on.

After an hour and a half waiting, we decided to skip Nami’s and headed to the gas station nearby that serves pizza. We were still able to enjoy lunch together, although not where we had originally planned.

I’d say that God had a better adventure planned for us yesterday!  It sure was memorable!  We really had a great time despite the obstacles.  It had been too long since our last date!


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