Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Missionary Ladies’ Retreat

Every year, RMI “puts on” a retreat for all the missionary ladies at our Retreat Center.  This was the second year in a row that RMI missionary, Amy Long and I, planned RMI’s Ladies Retreat.  This year was more special for both of us:  it felt more relaxed and we really got to enjoy the retreat a lot more.  I think it’s because it was the second time we’ve planned it, we had a better feel for how our responsibilities were going to be divided up in preparation.  Overall, it just went smoother!  And that made it a lot more enjoyable for both of us.  The weather was great and you can’t get a better location than the RMI Retreat Center!

This year we had 34 Missionary Ladies attend the retreat.  It was a great turnout and really encouraging as we had a good representation of many different ages, many different ministries, and  many different stages of life.  Here is our group all together!


Our speakers this year were Gale Kernitz and Sheila Clark.  I had not met either woman before the retreat, but they both attended our church in Arlington Heights, IL, The Orchard, when we lived there and  Rob was a pastor there.  They came highly recommended and they did not disappoint!  Our theme was “Running on Empty, Filled to the Full” and the key scripture for the weekend was Ephesians 3:19 “… that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.” [ESV]  Gale spoke wonderful, timely messages from God’s Word on being filled with the Holy Spirit from Ephesians.  Sheila worked in some great application and we practiced finding God’s declarations of who we are in Christ before we explored His commands.  The whole weekend was food for my weary soul!

Here’s Gail and Sheila stuffing our folders for the retreat!IMG_3787






Amy worked really hard to plan an extra special menu.  The first night we had an extra special meal, with pretty table settings.  She and another girl, Alisha, made some pretty corsages.  Sheila organized a special craft that was a huge hit with the ladies: we decoupaged journals!  No retreat would be complete without games including the world’s largest game of “Catch Phrase.” (And nothing can bring more laughs than native Germans playing Catch Phrase in English!) Over all, it was a fun weekend of fellowship, fun, relaxation and deep time in God’s Word!

Here are some pictures of our fun!












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