Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrating the RMI national team!

Haitian Proverb - "Men anpil, chay pa lou."
Many hands [make] the load light.  Maybe light-er is a better translation for us ;)

Today, I won’t mention any names, but those on the RMI national staff (Haitians) here in Haiti are doing an amazing job.   If you have been here, you know some of them well.  There are many you don’t know working behind the scenes.  They are all brothers and sisters.  They are leaders.  They are comrades. They are wise.  They are able.  I believe in them.

We currently have 29 national staff here working along side of us missionaries in RMI.  I love them. We are a team. We are a family. We are in this together.

Honestly, we have been overwhelmingly blitzed with activity over these first 4+ months of 2012.  We have already seen 12 church teams come and go.  We’ve had 8 additional other weeks of groups here for other ministry opportunities.   Yes, that’s 20 groups in 19 weeks. Plus a long list of other things (ex: travel to the US, lots of ongoing construction and ministry projects, HFK facilitation, hot lunch program, babies born, staff weddings, staff issues) all at the same time with a reduced missionary staff (Amy Long was in the US on Home Assignment- good to have her back now).  Wow… deep breath.

RMI would simply not exist without this national team.

Their sacrifice.  Their hard work.  Their character.  Their endurance.  These fellow workers are to be celebrated.  They are not simply employees.  They are called by God and on mission for Him – just like me.


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