Monday, July 30, 2012

We need your help!

It’s never easy to ask, but we need your help.  We are under-supported right now.  We need YOU.

We need people like yourselves that would be willing to join our team.  We need people who believe in us.  We need people who will pray for us.  We need people who will support us financially. 

Would you be willing to give a monthly donation of +/- $50/$75/$100?  We currently have individuals who give less, and some who give more.  Everything helps!  If you prefer, you could also give quarterly or annually if it is easiest for you.  You can set up online giving now by clicking the button below. You can donate via your Credit Card or your Bank Account.

You could also send in a check to RMI.  Instructions here.

Please, help us continue to serve in Haiti.


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