Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Few Videos…

The last 2 Sunday’s, we’ve visited two different churches that we haven’t been to before and had the opportunity to minister at both locations with a special song.  Rob took some short video on his phone each time, that I thought we should share with you! Some of you have seen these videos on Facebook, but I’m posting them here for those not on FB or those who might have missed seeing them. 

This past Sunday, we visited Marfond Baptist Church.  Some of you might remember Pastor Jean Chery who worked for RMI for many years.  He was installed as their pastor this past Sunday and we were invited to be a part of the service (more on that in another post.)  Drew decided he wanted to sing a song he knows well in Creole, “Our God is an Awesome God.”  He planned to sing it twice in Creole, but nerves got the best of him and he reverted to how he knows it best:  Creole version followed by the German version!  It encourages me to see his increased maturity (a year ago, he was too shy to greet the church with a ‘Bonjou’) and willingness to get up front and minister.  Here is the video of him singing:

Drew singing "Our God is an Awesome God"












Two weeks ago, we visited a church plant in Laval.  This church doesn’t have a building yet, so they meet outside under tarps.  We were invited to come that Sunday by TiJean, one of our long time Haitian employees.  TiJean is one of the key people planting this church.  They were having a celebration Sunday with baptisms and 4 weddings.  I’ve learned “How Great Thou Art” in Creole pretty well and it’s become my ‘go to’ song anytime I’m asked to share a song in church.  I always have to be prepared with something;  often, I’m asked that morning and don’t have much time to prepare ahead of time.  Here is a short video of part of the song:

Hope you enjoy the videos!


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