Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rain, Rain and More Rain…

This past week we’ve had a team of 8 people from NewChurch Georgetown in Texas visiting their Sister Church in Abricot, which is the northwest end of the Southern peninsula.  Rob has the privilege of serving with this team this week. 

It started raining in Cayes where we live on Saturday and has been raining ever since.  Rob tells me that the rain didn’t start in Abricot until Tuesday around noon.  That was good news for the team!  They were able to accomplish most of what they set out to do on this trip.  Once we realized there was a big storm coming, RMI leadership quickly determined it was time to get out of Abricot.  The road into the town can quickly become impassable with a lot of rain and they didn’t want to be stranded there.  So they packed everything up Tuesday afternoon and left around 3 pm (instead of the planned Wednesday morning departure.)  Not only did they want to get out of Abricot, but they wanted to get to the Ice River to cross it before it swelled too much.  When they got there, the river was already impassable.

This is the video of the path to cross the river:

They tried to wait it out.  I think they slept in the trucks for a while and at some point turned around and went to the church in Duchity and slept in the church.  The pastor and his family there are taking great care of them.  So they’ve been in Duchity since Tuesday night.  Since then, there have been some mudslides on the road as well.

Pray for them and the team: for patience and wisdom as they wait out the storm.  I am amazed at how much rain we are getting from Hurricane Sandy, and according to the map, it looks like we are in for a dumping today as well.

Personally, our family is hanging in there.  With this amount of rain, the roof, which doesn’t usually leak, has started to leak in certain spots and water is seeping thru the concrete walls on the south side of our house.  We had quite a bit of wind yesterday, so there are a lot of leaves and large branches down all over.  School is cancelled today, so it looks like we will have another movie marathon day.  Pray for the kids and I—we are all getting restless.

Last, but nor least, please pray for the Haitian people.  I have a pretty dry house that sits up on a hill with no chance of flash flooding.  So many others are not so fortunate; many have very leaky roofs, and their homes sit in low lying areas.  There is much flooding all over the western peninsula.


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