Monday, April 29, 2013

Calvary Bible Fellowship meets Vieux Bourg MEBSH Church

Calvary Bible Fellowship, from Sinking Spring, PA, sent a leadership team down last week to get vision, to scout the land, and ultimately to consider a long term partnership with the people of Vieux Bourg MEBSH Church, in Vieux Bourg d’Aquin, Haiti (pronounced Via Bou in Creole).  The team of 8 from Calvary, all Pastors, Elders, Deacon’s, and Stewards saw and experienced first hand, what a partnership looks like.  They were sent as scouts, I believed they returned as mobilizers for the Gospel.

Pictures can be seen here.

Both of these churches tested the waters to consider the possibility of a long term partnership.  Unity and harmony of belief, practice and vision are key.  The cultures are certainly different, and both must be strongly considered, respected, and even honored, but mutual love for the same Lord, and the unified desire to extend his kingdom inside and outside the church brings the Church together as one, as God intended it to be.  One body, one purpose.

We worshipped with one another, a lot.  We prayed with one another, a lot.  We laughed with one another, a lot.  We cried with one another.  We danced with one another.  We served the poor and sick with one another.  We held hands with one another.  We shared the Gospel with one another.  We dreamed with one another.  We listened to one another.  We learned from one another. We ate with one another.  We served one another.  We loved one another.  We loved with one another.

We came together for the Gospel.  RMI mobilized people, into a partnership, in order to transform lives in Christ.  As one team member said, “I will never ever be the same person again.   God did some things this week in my life that I never expected, and these things will never allow me to be the same again”.  Not only was that obvious among the whole team from the US, but it was also obvious that many lives here in Haiti will truly never be the same again.  Lives were transformed. 

I myself, will never be the same, because I was a participant, and a recipient, of these reciprocal ministries…   Thank you Calvary Bible Fellowship.  Thank you Vieux Bourg MEBSH Church.  I can’t wait to see what God does in the future…

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