Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome to “Field Posts”…

It’s time for a change.  For a long time, we used “theSlice” to refer to our periodic email newsletter, and we used “thesliver” to refer to our blog.   Cute, right?  We had a website and we had a blog.  Now all this is changing.

Both our Blog, and our e-Newsletter will be called “Field Posts” and both, among other information, is always available via the new and improved  As a way to cut administrative corners, we no longer have a separate website with unique content.  We now just have one all-inclusive blog, with multiple pages with all the same website type of general info.

Why the change? 

We are always looking for better ways to communicate more effectively, and to do it more efficiently.  We are ALWAYS pressed for time (as you probably are too), and therefore, we think this will communicate good updates to our family, friends, and supporters much more regularly, with less work on our part.

Some people visit our blog on their own, some visit from a link from facebook/twitter if it happens to catch there interest.  For various reasons, many don’t ever visit and miss many of our updates.  It has been hard to write all new unique content for periodic email newsletters.  Now, everyone will get a monthly email that will include posts/content from the Blog from the previous month.  This all happens via the wonders of automated technology.  You hear from us monthly, and we don’t have to do the work! Well, we have to do the blogging, but we do this anyway.  Americans would call this “killing 2 birds with one stone”. 


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