Saturday, June 29, 2013

ONE DAY Last Week…

We stay pretty busy.  We came to Haiti to work.

Recently I was reminded that it is indeed important to celebrate victories!  We at RMI have been working hard to exponentially increase our quantity and quality of ministry.  As I was reflecting upon the importance of celebration, it hit me… 

One day last week, one day, RMI facilitated 2 teams doing a Dental Clinic at Miserne, a Dental Clinic at Laval, a Food Distribution Batte, a Food distribution service at Laval, an Open Air Evangelistic Service at Laval, a Deworming Clinic in Dorlette, a Ladies Gathering in Lievre, a Worship Service in Lievre, and a Deworming clinic at a Dorlette.  ONE. DAY.  The RMI Team, along with our 2 churches visiting, dug deep and made it happen.  Unbelievable.

Thank you Galion Alliance Church and Petersburg Bible Church.

We are so privileged to be here.  As I have been saying a lot lately, we are so blessed to have a team of supporters standing with us, helping to make the above happen.


Galion Team June 2013
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