Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting fired…

Have you ever been fired from a job?  I have.  It doesn't feel good.  But, have you ever fired yourself from a job?  It's not easy at first, but in the end, it feels great!

Do you have too many jobs?  Do you wear too many hats?  Sometimes, you have to fire yourself from a job in order to focus on the most important, and in order to engage others in those other jobs.  We often actually rob others of a blessing and opportunity by hoarding tasks and responsibility.

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to prune, trying to evaluate where I should remain focused, and what I should let go and let others do.  Everything seems to have value, but not everything will be the most strategically important in the long run. 
I want to be a change-agent.  The most successful way for me to influence change, is to focus my God-given energies in the areas that will have the greatest long term impact.  Where can I have the greatest impact?
People, Projects, Planning…  These 3 “P” words seem to sum up my pruned list of priorities. 
  • People – I must develop the people around me.  Specifically, I believe my call is to develop them spiritually and vocationally.  If I develop people, they will impact other people, and so on and so on… (can you think of anyone in Scripture that employed this model?)
  • Projects – I must keep the ball rolling.  We have so much to do.  We have HUGE dreams/plans.  We will never get there if we get comfortable.  Ensuring productivity for myself and my team must be high on my list.
  • Planning – One of my first leadership classes in my education defined a leader as “one who knows where they are going and how to get there.”  Thanks Professor Peter Hook.  I must always be planning by setting the vision and goals, helping to establish a plan, and making sure we are intentionally working the plan.
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