Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I am Nothing Without Others

I get a lot of credit for the things that other people do simply because I'm the leader. But to be honest without the people that surround me I am nothing.

I'm grateful for the people that have gone before me to set the foundation, to set the table, to prepare the way, to invest in my personal development. Without my bosses (past and present), without my coworkers, my team, my wife, without our supporters who faithfully support us financially and with lots of prayer, without my extended family, I am nothing and I will accomplish nothing.

Most importantly without Jesus I am nothing. It is only because of what he is doing in me and through me that I'm able to lead and do what I do.

I just got done reading toda's entry in You Versions study, "The Leadership Style of Jesus".  Great reminder.

Here is a direct quote from the study...

"But Jesus was not driven, as so many leaders are today, by the need to receive credit, applause and attention. He was driven by love for the Father. Jesus acknowledged those who went before Him, including Abraham (see John 8:53) and Moses (see John 5:45-46). If we want to follow the leadership style of Jesus Christ, we must acknowledge others in the same Christ-like way He did."

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